At Corsicana Oral & Facial Surgery, it is often necessary for our patients to receive some level of sedation during their procedures. Even the most severe anxiety surrounding oral and facial surgery can be calmed thanks to anesthetic sedation.

Any procedure we provide in the comfort of our Corsicana, Texas offices that makes use of sedation allows for optimal comfort, pain control, and amnesia regarding the surgery after the procedure is completed. As a certified and highly experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Medel is clinically trained and licensed to administer IV sedation. This ensures a highly comfortable, rewarding experience with phenomenal results.

Benefits of Anesthesia

  • Complete calm and relaxation before and during your procedure
  • No stress related to gag reflexes
  • Pain-free procedures
  • No more anxiety or fear

For more information about our sedation techniques for oral and facial surgery in Corsicana, Texas, contact our offices today!