The average mouth only has room for 28 teeth – that’s why those four extra teeth that come in later in life, called “wisdom teeth,” can cause some serious problems.

Many wisdom teeth become stuck in bone, tilted, or sideways in their growth. Such issues can lead to pressure and problems on the rest of your teeth, like crowding or resorption of their roots. Pockets can develop between your gums, bone, and teeth that can encourage infection serious enough to warrant hospitalization.

In some cases, tumors or cysts can form around impacted wisdom teeth, damaging the bones of your jaw and requiring major surgeries for repair.

For Corsicana residents, removing your wisdom teeth in is usually recommended during your teen years. This is because their roots have not fully grown and will lead to an easier removal. Plus, healing is often much faster and less painful in younger patients than older patients.

An oral examination and x-ray will allow Dr. Medel to evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and predict if you will face any future problems from their growth. Contact us today to learn more about wisdom teeth removal in Corsicana, Texas.